Billy’s Dream!

Billy (co – founder of first heard of prize giving competitions when he stumbled across a competition site, bought a ticket and won £10.000. My family and friends were ecstatic and shared it with all their friends.

Everyone is talking about BILLY’S BIG WIN.

Billy thinks this never happens to normal hard working people, (you think you are lucky in life being healthy and happy, surrounded with your family and friends)!

The feeling of winning got me thinking, what an adrenaline rush, what a feeling. How can I help put JOY and a Smile on people’s faces?

WITH the HELP of Elaine…. UK Dream Competitions was launched on DECEMBER 2020

Since our launch we have quickly established an audience (slowly growing – but steadily) through our Facebook page and Live Draws and word of mouth.

Myself, Elaine and my right hand man (IT Consultant) Chris are the only people, directly involved in our day to day running of the business. Enabling all our business knowledge to help grow a successful company, selling out prizes interacting with you the public LIVE ON FACEBOOK for our LIVE DRAWS.

Bringing joy, happiness and excitement to many people.